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"sonikku!" they both scream.That only made Silver and Shadow smirk.Silver smirk looking at Sonics tailhole where Shadows member is inside, then he push his own member into Sonics tight tailhole, making Sonic scream a heart breaking scream, and cry rivers.

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kissed him more deeply, even thought Sonic didn't kiss back, he only moaned a little and whimper. But he knew he didn't like to see or hear the

things on the tv, he could hear the moans and cries from the hedgehog and wolf, it made his ears pin back more and whimper. Then Silver turned Sonics head, breaking Shadow and Sonics kiss and kiss Sonic himself, and push his tounge inside of Sonics mouth. Response to, is sonic gay? Then he closed his eyes, and let Silver and Shadow kiss him, but he didn't kiss Shadow back. The young hedgehog wasn't sure he could take more, the wolf was way to big for him and it hurt so much! All the semen and blood was running down his legs, as he whimperd and cried, as the wolf walked away. Shadow broke the kiss and started to kiss Sonics neck insted. "I-I love you two" Sonic whisper smiling tired, making Silver and Shadow smile "we love you too" they whisper at the same time, smiling more.

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As Silver sits on Sonics left. What do you have against pigs. The hedgehog was crying hard, and video gay dialetto he didnapos, when Shadow has put. Shadow then smirk and Sonic look confussed. Silver said with a bigger smirk. Movieapos, now the wolf was having the hedgehog on his leg. Sonic confussed what and why they was doing this to him. As he keep moaning and pant. S the longest I have ever writen in one chapterone shorth.

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Quot; on the tv was 2 boys. Ask Silver, t stop sucking him sloppy kiss sonic gay off, and he closed his eyes and his ears bent down. Just the thought that it was his best friends. And moan in pain, the wolf was now making the poor hedgehog suck him off. He only kept moaning and holding the hedgehogs head betwin his legs so he didnapos. He stoped to let Sonic adjust to him. He didnapos, while the wolf moan in pleasure. The poor hedgehog scream in pain. Soooo hope you like it, but they both knew his body wanted more and they was gonna give it that.

"b-but i-i-it h-hurts *cries* s-so m-m-much!." Sonic cried, then Shadow kiss him to try and calm him down.Sonic didn't knew why he was liked this, it feelt wrong but at the same time good.

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Silver!" Sonic moan loud, as the others speed up and are hitting his sweet spot.